Polyester Fiber Opening, Blowing, Stuffing & Filling Machine for Pillows and Cushions (120 - 100 Kg / Hour)

Multipro polyester fiber opening, blowing, stuffing & filling machine is the latest technology ..

Dual Spindle Disc Drum Brake Lathe For Skimming, Grinding, Cutting & Resurfacing Brakes of Cars and Trucks

Multipro dual spindle disc drum brake lathe for skimming, grinding, cutting and resurfacing brake fo..

Micro Fiber Opening & Filling Machine For Making Pillows and Cushions (60 Kg / Hour)

Multipro polyester microfiber opening, blowing, stuffing & filling machine is specially designed..

Commercial Fiber Cushion, Pillow Packing Machine

Multipro pillow cushion packaging machine compress and pack pillows, cushions, and other fluffy prod..

Soft Toy Stuffing Machine For Filling Polyester Fibers In Plush Toys, Teddy Bear, Doll, Animals

Multipro soft toy stuffing machine is for filling polyester fibers in plush toys, teddy bears, dolls..

PE Foam Shredder Cum Chipper Machine For Polyurethane Foam Waste Chipping Shredding and Recycling

Multipro foam shredder cum chipper machine is suitable for polyurethane foam waste chipping shreddin..

Polyester Fiber Opening Machine & Cushion Stuffing Machine Having Single Station Dual Nozzle Facility (120 - 100 Kg / Hour)

Multipro polyester fiber opening and cushion stuffing machines are designed for making pillows, cush..

Pillow Rolling Machine / Pillow Roll Packing Machine / Cushion Rolling Machine

Multipro Machines introduced pillow roll packing machine first time in India! Now you can make pill..