About Us

Who We Are
We are ‘Multipro Machines PVT.LTD’, a group works with top-notch manufacturers as partners and supply top quality products whoever seeks for!  We are a group consider none as our competitor, though the thirst to excel any heights, and the ebullience to touch the Vega still persists. 
Our Story
We are in operation since 12 years with the name ‘Multipro Enterprise’from Gujarat, India. In 2015 we moved with all our units to Rajkot after being restructured,exhibiting a modified name ’Multipro Machines PVT. LTD’!
From then we are operating at Rajkot city which is widely recognized as leading industrial frontier of western India. Why have selected to shift at Rajkot as because this city has the highest ties with quality suppliers, relevant administrative offices, stands as convergence of germane logistics, and governance activity. 
Our Suppliers
We firmly believe in the importance of quality management while exporting products to the most discreet customers across the world in a timely manner. This is why we’ve formed rapports with ISO 9001:2000 suppliers those have the highest technology and advanced plant units that can enable them to keep the export-targeted product quality way above the standard.
Our Specialty
We are the mere group having adequate expertise to select top quality export varieties from different areas. Now we are not occupied with the local markets, rather we are expanding overseas with a geometric rate of progression to ascertain a certain growth. 
What We Expect
We always expect our customer giving us an opportunity to serve by using our service. We invite all the enterprises across the globe to join hands reaching in a win-win stand. While working with many parties, our focus persists on enduring relationship. 
Our Confidence
Our multi-disciplinary expertise is efficiently capable of paving the critical paths an organization encounters while achieving desired product quality, with consistency and trustworthiness.