Privacy Policy

We always take care of privacy of our site visitors and keep protecting from any third party. We never exchange personal information of our site visitors for money by selling or renting to third party.

To become aware or conscious of website performance and improve user experience, we use third party tracking tools like Google to track information about the condition in which activity are being done on our website. No personally distinguishable information is collected.

Reason for requesting your e-mail address and/or contact number is only for conducting surveys or to aware our services like subscriptions, account updates, newsletters, announcement lists or information about newly launched product or services. We abide by uncompromising no spam policy that means, we don’t try to sell, rent or otherwise provide your e-mail address to third party.

Third party tracking tool like Google Analytics may keep some temporary cookies to your personal computer or laptop, every time you visit our website. Cookies which are stored in your personal computer or laptop cannot read any data from your personal computer or laptop or even from other sites you are visiting. Cookies fetch only your activity information done on our website nothing else and it is only used for improving our websites user experience. If you are not willing to store cookies on your personal computer or laptop then you can set your browser to refuse some or all of the cookies. If you select not to accept these cookies, it might hinder your experience, when you visit our website and somewhat feature of our website may not work properly.